Quattro Pro® Massager Product Information

The Quattro Pro Massager® is an ultra-manipulative full body massager developed by Dr. Marc Rosenberg, DC, who has practiced chiropractic services in Cleveland, Ohio for over 20 years. Dr. Marc invented the Quattro Pro® Massager as he continued to see an increasing number of patients needing to address hyperirritable spots in the fascia (connective tissue) surrounding the skeletal muscle, otherwise known as “trigger points”. In his search for aids, tools and methods available to provide focused, effective treatment, he found the market saturated with an array of devices in the form of spiked rollers & balls, and an assortment of single point contact items meant for digging out trigger points. Most of these he found, were generally ineffective if not from a purely functional standpoint, then of one that made it easy to manipulate and focus on trigger points, knots and tightness in the muscles.

Simple & Effective

In his quest, Dr. Marc set out to develop a massage tool meant for the entire body. Whether the occasional mild tight spot or a chronic trouble spot, a massager was needed that accommodated both mild and aggressive treatments and of course, those pesky trigger points (sensitive areas that are painful when touched). Finding himself on the front lines of providing relief to his patients, Dr. Marc brought numerous massage roller configurations into the clinic for direct patient feedback. Dr. Marc ultimately invented the ideal solution – the Quattro Pro® Massager™.

The Quattro Pro® Massager features small pads that gently rise from each of the four rollers. When rolled over a tight or sore spot, the pads on the rollers alternate contact on the skin which creates a kneading effect that is great for digging out trigger points, working out knots and increasing blood flow to troubled areas. In addition, the massage rollers and pads are made from a soft touch plastic that can be heated when placed in boiling water for no more than 2-3 minutes. Heating the rollers may provide additional relief and muscle relaxation. Having arrived at an ideal massage roller configuration, Dr. Marc felt it just as important to have an equally effective, ultra-manipulative handle. The Quattro Pro® Massager has a dual-arch, triple-grip design which features a rugged framework that transfers as little or as much pressure for the rollers at any angle. The dual-arch designed configuration allows the placement of the rollers on the inside or outside of the frame, resulting in versatile and comfortable spacing and contact of rollers.

Features and Attributes:

  • Revolutionary, heatable wheels
  • Ergonomically dual arch designed, triple-grip massage handle, for comfort, strength and versatility to meet each users grip style
  • Detailed, studied and tested wheel geometry (Dig Point Technology®) to effectively alleviate and remove trigger points; allowing blood flow back into the injured muscle for healing and repair of the injured site
  • Wheel design: Dig Point Technology® was created through many years of research and development and most importantly from hands on experience and clinical trials on patients in the office. After years of feedback, the revolutionary “Dig Point Technology”® was born. Since then it’s been helping thousands of patients.
  • Wheel positions and width of wheels are interchangeable to be used on any body size or type.
  • The Quattro Pro® Massager can be used on the Neck, Mid and Lower Back, Hips, Legs, Thighs, Calf muscles, Forearms, Shoulder, Chest (pectoralis muscles).
  • Unique heatable, removable, wheel design that creates a warm soothing massage while at the same time providing myofascial release,  removing knots and trigger points in the muscles.  This combination of heat and the specially designed “Dig Point Technology”® wheels gives a massage that is unparalleled by any other product on the market.

Experience the Quattro Pro® for yourself!