Massager For Athletes

Run. Roll. Repeat.

The Quattro Pro® Massager for Athletes

Research and sports therapy professionals agree – massage is an important component of healthy training and recovery for athletes.


How Athletes Benefit from Massage

For both the weekend warrior and competitive athlete, targeted massage therapy delivered by the Quattro Pro® Massager can help keep muscles stay in top condition, restore muscles faster and keep them injury free.

  • Muscle imbalances begin to impair functional movement and stability
  • Tightness in the flexors changes the body’s natural kinetic chain
  • Knots start to develop and inhibit the complete recruitment of glutes and quads
  • Plantar Fascia flare and constrict. Hamstrings and calves cramp and threaten to tear
  • Tightening IT bands cause a further breakdown in what was once perfect form

Before an athlete knows it, what was once a minor annoyance can begin to cause a myriad of major issues. Athletes, in pursuit of their goals, often run themselves and their bodies into the ground and loose focus of the steps needed for healthy maintenance and recovery. To learn more on how the Quattro Pro® Massager can help, please see our general use and guidelines for the Quattro Pro® Massager.


amazon-logo_transparentThe Quattro Pro® Massager was developed by Dr. Marc Rosenberg to keep athletes up and running. The adjustable, heatable contact points and one-of-a-kind “Dig Point” technology® enables the Quattro Pro® Massager to deliver targeted muscle massage and stimulation.

Besides reaching trigger points and providing muscle relief and relaxation, the ultra-manipulative Quattro Pro® Massager helps:

  • Runners need leg massageCorrect Muscle Imbalances Before They Happen
    While habitual movement patterns can cause muscle growth in the worked muscles, they can also begin to lock up the muscular system. When a muscle is repeatedly activated, it not only grows but if left alone, becomes tight. Tight muscles, through a process known as reciprocal inhibition, block the body’s natural opposite muscular counterparts from activating effectively. This negatively affects stability; but the problem can deepen. Because the opposing natural counterpart isn’t providing stability, the body will often attempt to find another muscle that will. This not only improperly activates the other muscle, it also causes further under-use by the natural counterpart and self-propagation of the tissue. Through use of the Quattro Pro® Massager, athletes are able to ease tightness in overused muscles and fascia. The unique design of the Quattro Pro® Massager’s high-quality heatable rollers are able to reach deep into tight muscles and relieve tightness at the source, in the comfort and convenience of your home.
  • Improve Healing Time from Injuries
    Often times, athletes don’t realize that their body is out of sync until it’s too late. It’s a familiar series of events for those who didn’t take the right preventative and maintenance steps necessary to care for their body. Soreness becomes tightness, tightness becomes a muscle imbalance and a muscle imbalance becomes an injury. Once the injury has occurred, it’s often necessary to take extended time off and allot the body to heal before it can be asked to perform again. Recovery time, particularly for chronic injuries like plantar fasciitis, shin splints and muscle tears can be quite long. While massage isn’t a miracle cure for serious injuries, the Quattro Pro® Massager can help reduce recovery time and ensure proper muscle balance. The deep tissue manipulative capabilities of the Quattro Pro® Massager can help break down existing scar tissue and stimulate the vascular flow needed to aid in the recovery of the affected areas. The Quattro Pro® Massager is ideal for delivering both Trigger Point Therapy and Myofascial Release Massage, which uses deep and specific pressure to break down scar tissue buildup and relieve muscle adhesions. Add the heating capabilities of the contact points, and the Quattro Pro® Massager multiplies the ways in which it can be used to deliver the heating stimulation that athletes need.
  • Deliver Targeted Massage that Helps with Recovery
    Muscles need to be allowed to properly recover after workouts and this process could take days. Athletes often mistake the soreness that accompanies recovery to lactic acid buildup, even though the half-life of lactic acid is measured in mere seconds. Regardless of the cause of soreness, the recovery delay is too long for many athletes, and they look for ways to shorten recovery times so they can continue. If looking for an alternative to A.R.T and Trigger Point Therapy, The Quattro Pro® Massager is also capable of delivering a lighter massage that stimulates and aids in a faster recovery time. Lower intensity massage, like variations of classic Swedish Massage, is ideal to stimulate blood flow and recovery. Post-workout recovery massages are meant to be relaxing and part of the cool-down process. By using the Quattro Pro® Massager as part of your cool-down process, you can help jump start the body’s natural recovery process.

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