General Use & Guidelines for the Quattro Pro® Massager

We recommend that you consult your physician prior to beginning use of any therapeutic program of any kind, as they may pose a risk and can cause injury.  With proper use and following the techniques as shown in the General Use and Guidelines and on this website, and common sense when using the product, the Quattro Pro® Massager can help with several symptoms. Check the product regularly for cracks or other damage. If any cracks or other damage is noticed then discontinue use of the product and contact Hi-Tech Therapy Products, Inc.

The Quattro Pro® Massager is Intended to Relieve the Following Conditions

Common everyday sore, achy, tight muscles

  • Use light pressures / long, slow rolling strokes as tolerated
  • 5-10 minute session time per hour or as tolerated, avoid overworking areas
  • Heated or unheated rollers

Mild muscle sprains and strains

  • Alternate between light & moderate pressures
  • 10-15 minute session time per hour or as tolerated, avoid overworking areas
  • Heated rollers recommended

Chronic Trigger Points, Knots, Deep Tissue Pain

  • Use light and heavy pressures
  • Long and short multi-direction strokes as tolerated
  • 15-20 minute sessions time per hour or as tolerated, avoid overworking areas
  • Heated rollers recommended

Deep massaging with heavy pressure is meant to ease inflammation, improve blood flow and reduce muscle tightness. For 24 hours after using the Quattro Pro® Massager, you should drink extra water to flush waste by-products from trigger points and hydrate surrounding soft tissue.

A Multiple Configuration Massager

The Quattro Pro® Massager is a massage tool designed with maximum flexibility in targeting achy muscles by allowing for multiple configurations.


Removing and Attaching the Massage Rollers

Removing – When removing the rollers, firmly hold the frame in one hand and use your other hand to lightly pull the rollers away from the frame as shown in Figure 2.

Attaching – When attaching the rollers, firmly hold the frame in one hand and use the other hand to lightly push the rollers back onto the frame until the roller stops.

 QuattroProMassager boiling pot

Heating the Massage Rollers

Remove rollers from frame. Do not place the frame in the boiling water. Soak rollers in boiling water for no more than 2-3 minutes. Leaving the rollers in boiling water for more than 3 minutes is not recommended or necessary. Remove rollers with tongs.

Once the rollers have cooled sufficiently to the touch, insert the rollers into the frame in the desired configuration for a soothing, heated massage.


Plastic should never be microwaved! User assumes any and all risks when heating and using the massager.

Using the Massager

Do not exceed deep massage sessions of over 20 minutes. Overworking a specific area may cause increased soreness.

As with any massage treatment or therapy, you should consult your physician prior to starting use of the Quattro Pro® Massager. Dr. Marc recommends the following techniques, configurations and positions of the massager to target muscle groups that frequently cause discomfort. Configure the massager as necessary to develop a method that best suits your needs. Start with lighter pressures and gradually increase as necessary to sooth trigger points and knots.

Recommended Massages

neck massage

Quattro Pro® Massager chest Massage

Quattro Pro® Massager Back Massage

Quattro Pro® Massager Arm Massage

ham massage

leg massage

Quattro Pro® Massager calves

foot massage

Quadriceps Massaging Techniques

The upper leg is home to some of the largest muscles and muscle groups in the body. While tips and techniques for a variety of massage goals abound, unless there’s a specific targeted goal for runners, basic massage should be focused on relaxing and lengthening muscles. The quadriceps are actually a collection of four separate muscles – the vastus lateralis on the outside of the thigh, the vastus medialis on the inside, the rectus femoris lying on top, and the vastus intermedius which is tucked underneath. This collection of muscles can only be stretched by knee flexion, which is very limited. Running the Quattro Pro Massager along the top and sides of the quadriceps in order to lengthen them is an effective way to relax and elongate the various quadriceps muscles.

Other Upper Leg Massaging Techniques

The hamstring can also benefit from massage in a similar manner. While the hamstring is much easier to stretch naturally, the wheels of the Quattro Pro Massager are excellent for digging out tightness and muscle knots. Not to be neglected is the IT band, which runs laterally on the outside of the leg from the hip to the knee. Tightness and knotting in the IT band can make this area extremely painful to massage if proper delicacy is not used. Careful massage and the gentle heat of the Quattro Pro’s wheels with Dig-Point technology can be used to relax and unknot the IT bands.

Calf Massaging Techniques

The so-called calf muscle is also made up of multiple muscles, in this case the gastrocnemius, which is the main muscle, and the soleus, which lies underneath of it. These muscles run from the base of the Achilles tendon up the lower leg until their insertion below the knee. The Quattro Pro Massager is excellent for lengthening these muscles and relieving the buildup of tension in the various fascia that the muscles are comprised of.

Foot Massaging Techniques

Not to be neglected are the feet. The most common problem area for runners is the plantar fascia, which runs along the underside of the arch of the foot. This area responds well to both long, slow rolling as well as more aggressive targeted “Dig Point”® manipulation when more pressure is needed. The wheels of the Quattro Pro Massager are great for delivering both types of stimulation and leaving your feet relaxed and healthy.